The Rajah Quilt

The Rajah Quilt

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Roses from the Heart

This is how to make the bonnet for the project:
Download the pattern from Christina's website.  Print the pieces and cut out - you will have 3 pieces, the brim, the crown and the back insert.  If you fold the edges to the centre of your fabric you can cut 2 bonnets from approx. 60cm of fabric.  I have used plain, unbleached calico.

Pin the crown and brim pieces, and the insert, on the fold, following the pattern directions.  You have to cut the brim twice. 
Join the two pieces of the brim with a 1cm seam, taking care that you are joining the 3 un-notched edges. Clip corners, turn and press.

Sew two rows of gathering stitch along each edge of the crown piece, with the stitch length set to longer than normal.  Or you could use running stitch by hand.

Lightly gather the front and back edge of the crown.

Pin the centre back insert matching the single notch in the centre of the gathered back edge.  (The brim edge has 2 notches).  Stitch into place.

Turn and fold over a small hem along the neck edge.

Pin the gathered front edge of the crown to the brim, matching sides of brim exactly to hemmed edge and matching the notches.  Stitch the brim in place.  Fold the brim forward and press the seam to the back.
Here's our bonnet ready to embellish, and add the ties at the neck.  I hope it won't be too long before I can show you my progress on the decoration.


1 comment:

  1. Well done Bernadette,

    You are doing Grace proud.

    Thank you for sharing how you made your bonnet.

    I look forward to your bonnet being included in the Roses from the Heart(R) Memorial - a tribute to all 25,566 convict women transported to Australia.

    Best wishes